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Pilot Perception: Runway Illusions

On Final

The “softer” side of flying is the human factors side. As advanced as modern aircraft are, pilots are subject to various factors that can cause them to make excellent decisions and judgement calls but sometimes make decisions that can be potentially dangerous. Luckily, illusions pilots experience are well understood and documented.  We know when we may experience an illusion.  In ...

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Density and Pressure Altitude

Hot summer flying makes for low density altitude.

When we go flying, we always calculate pressure and density altitude of our aerodrome and for our cruising altitude. Why do we do this? Recall the definitions of density altitude (DA) and pressure altitude (PA). PA is the “height above sea level corresponding to a given barometric pressure under standard air conditions” (FGU, page 41).  What are standard air conditions?  ...

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Air law – definitions of Canadian airspace

Canadian Airspace. Image from IVAO.com

Following up on the previous article on air law, let’s review some details about Canadian airspace. Air law is such a big topic and is very hard to cover in it’s entirety, so if you want more detail or more material refer to From the Ground Up and Canadian Aviation Regulations,  the Canadian Aeronatical Information Manual. Canadian Domestic Airspace is ...

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Pilot stuff for girls – Review of Powder Puff Pilot Products

Even though there are a lot of girl pilots at my school, where I would say at least one quarter of students are women and there are lots of female flight instructors, aviation still is very male dominated.   I was ready to buy a headset, which my instructor encouraged me to do so sooner rather than later.  Buying a headset ...

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Headset Review – Powder Puff Pilot

The new ANR Headset is MP3 compatible.

My first purchase as a flight student was a headset. This is quite unarguably your most important purchase, and should be your first and done as soon as you start flying (and can afford it).  Headsets can be purchased for as little as $100 and go up in price according to quality.  The range is about $100 – over $1000. ...

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What is VFR?

IFR Flying Conditions. Image Courtesy of Langley Flying School.

It’s springtime, and out here in Alberta the weather is all over the place. From clear, sunny, calm days arrive strong wings, snow, sleet, rain, low ceilings and all sorts of weather, signifying change of seasons. Yesterday for example we did not have VFR weather here.  In fact, with a visibility of 1/2 SM, vertical visibility of 500 feet and ...

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